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BAM THERE IT IS -- If steroids are illegal for athletes, shouldn't Photoshop be illegal for models?

I don't understand how some women have 20 plus bridesmaids. I don't even like that many people. | Wedding Ecard | someecards.com

and I am sure the bride with 20 bridesmaids doesn't have 20 real girlfriends

modesty (:

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Shout out to all the beautiful women who don't need to dress half naked to get a man's attention.


me: god shaving legs is such a bitch! i hate it -__- adam: i never said you had to shave your legs! :P me:but you like smooth legs dont you? adam: *silence* me: point made

As evidenced by the 10 year old walking around with his dad in target today with his unedited rap music at full volume in his pocket.

Funny Graduation Ecard: I believe basic common sense should be taught in schools since it obviously isn't being taught at home any longer.

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yep i know alot of people who think they are just being sarcastic but are really just a bitch lol

I cant count how many times Ive been through this one...

I cant count how many times Ive been through this one.

This is exactly what I do!  :)

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