underground house with pool

Indoor/Outdoor Pool: This is amazing. Now if this pool could stay open year around in the Northwest!

English Underground Mansion – Aerial View

Green House

Amazing opulent cave house with pool

The best of both worlds. Above ground and underground house. Yes, please!

I'd live in this underground house. Let's start digging now.

15 MUST SEE DREAM HOME Pools [Come Take a Dip]

Underground home

one of our Top 5 Unusual Pools in the world. #5 Aquaria Grande Residential Tower, Mumbai, India Aquaria Grande Tower is currently under construction. But when the project will be finished, it will be one of the most amazing places to live. That is because the balconies will be converted into pools.

Cool house I hope I can afford a nice house like this one day

Swimming pool made to look like a pond! SERIOUSLY this is awesome!

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indoor pool

Malator Underground Eco House

a beach house in Hawaii, with a natural-ish pool like this (dream big, right?!)

See this guys? That's MY pool and you can't swim in it. If I catch your dog drinking from it, or your child peeing in it, I WILL release the piranhas in the underground glass cage beneath. Got it? Cool.