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That moment when

That moment when candy has a better love life than you (Funny Relationship Pictures) - life

I have had this moment a few times.

Understanding song lyrics that you used to listen to as a kid can be funny. A picture about hearing songs you used to listen to as a kid.

2 kinds of people in this world

2 kinds of people

this is true >>> left side all the way (except for pepsi. I like pepsi)

Lol too funny

That awkward moment when everyone is talking about their skills and talents and you are like: I can breathe. but then it's more awkward because you have the ability to choke on absolutely nothing so you kinda can barely even breathe.

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Yeah people say that. Don't worry, the spider is smaller then you. haha Gotta remember this! Now people might understand how I feel towards spiders.

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Funny pictures about My talents. Oh, and cool pics about My talents. Also, My talents.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 51 Pics

oh man that would be the most intense game of mario!and id work out all the time! love beating people at mario kart

Omfg never found something more true than this.

Exactly that my life at least that's what happened today I mean seriously are alarm clocks necessary I mean we are of school give us a brake go to bed at 9 and wake up at REALLY THIS IS JUST CRACRA

hahaha for reals

exactly what you said!☆} I remember when I was like 5 dad would carry me to bed when I fell asleep on the couch! Such good memories.

I'm pretty sure everyone has done this

H I am a doctor. totally did this as a kid Pencil Mechanical Eh? H I am a doctor totally did this as kid