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  • April Nigus

    Jess' book! God they belong together.

  • Chloé Joannette

    rory and jess forever. Because YES. they end up together we just don't see it...

  • Kayla Choate

    Jess wrote a book, so now he's A Mature Grown-Up . | 45 Reasons "Gilmore Girls" Is The Best Thing To Happen To Netflix

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Jess: "What is much?" I love Jess :) Gilmore Girls season two. Jess Mariano and Rory Gilmore, readers!

Gilmore Girls... love this episode:)

Jess - He and Rory totally ended up together in my mind

I don't care what you people say, every character is the lord of sass on this show.

Gilmore Girls. Gotta love Jess Mariano! Funny quote!

I'm having nightmares about being around chased by boxes with arms and they tackle me and pile clothing on top of my face and secure it around my head with packing tape and I'm just lying there chocking, while you're sitting in the corner, laughing, putting gel in your hair with a switchblade!!

Lorelai: How are you Jess? Jess: I'm not bleeding or anything.

Gilmore Girls. They shoot Gilmores, don't they? best episode..EVERRRR. except maybe the last episode of season 2. but I like them for similar reasons :)