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Retina Implant AG - A global device company developing a subretinal implant technology.

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Argus II is FDA approved and the first Bionic Eye -

Tourette Syndrome Kept Couple From Holding Hands - Until Now

Tourette Syndrome Kept Couple From Holding Hands - Until Now - teared up at the end. Talk about love!

How eye shape affects vision. Myopia= Mile-long Vision Impairment (Distance-Vision Impaired); Hyperopia= Here Vision (Near-Vision Impaired). Someone with myopia will need to wear corrective lenses to see anything far away, such as a whiteboard in a classroom, while someone with hyperopia will need reading glasses for close-up vision, such as reading a textbook. Astigmatism= Abnormal Eye Shape, which impacts the way the eye is able to refract light, & may cause myopia, hyperopia, or both.

Merlin Desktop Low Vision Electronic Magnifier

Module 14. Going Blind - Part One (Retinitis Pigmentosa).

Braille City Maps : DROP GPS Device

sing the tried and true technology of braille, the DROP GPS device helps guide the visually impaired around a city center, so that they won't end up miles from their destination.

VIDEO: El espectacular brazo robótico que revolucionará las prótesis.

Roger is one of the first American's to receive the retinal prosthesis to restore sight for those who became legally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa

Man vs. Machine: Robotic devices can improve stroke patients' upper-extremity mobility