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Grizzly Bear Paw Track

"It is hoped this track will instill a greater respect for such a powerful animal." - Dwayne Ehli (Bigfork, Montana) As a representation of Montana's state animal, the Grizzly Bear Paw Print is the id

Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. I thought it was a black bear, search said brawn, not brown. Correction again, BROWN BEAR someone did a typing error... Like & Repin thx. Follow Noelito Flow instagram

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What's Your Spirit Animal?

I sit in the snow glaring at my opponent as were staring at each other fierce.When the clock struck twilight its began MEOW! BARK! WHIMPER! THUD! My opponent is down to the ground.-bows- (The test of your animal doesn't work!!!!)

A Rolling stone inspired by traveling, splitboarding, nature, outdoor activities, roots music, trad. western tattoos, meeting people from different backgrounds, countryside, the smell of tar and burned wood.

Hand drawn Kodiak Bear + Triangular Bear(horizontal)