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  • Memo Gis

    Shirts, clothing, drink ware, iphone, ipod and ipad covers, home accessories featuring a vintage 1992 graphic postage stamp issued by Mexico to promote Mexican products for export, here depicted is coffee. #mexico, #coffee, #postagestamp, #vintage, #coffeebean, #graphicdesign, #export, #coffeemug, #ephemera, #vintagecard

  • Antonio Rubiera

    Mexico Exporta stamp

  • Casey L

    Mexican Exports stamps from the 1970s and 1980s

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Mexican Export postage stamps from the 1970s and 1980s

Mexican export, postage stamp, Mexico

I wish the U.S. Postal Service would pay homage to really good design more often. Look at these great UK stamps.

Ok, I previously said I didn't know what this was or what it meant. Guess my brain was asleep. It's a stamp, from the Democratische Deutsches Republik, aka East Germany! Thanks to the comments for jogging my Deutsch memory! :)

République démocratique allemande

Israel Postage Stamp: Arbor Day bird singing (via Karen Horn).

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