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Press Play #LITO CD 2013

Get a first listen at Press Play's upcoming album, #LITO (Love In The Open). It officially doesn't come out until October 1st, but we thought this would make your Monday more exciting!! Click here >> //I love this band I get to see them in November. Give it a listen!

"Background" by Lecrae..."You take the leading role and I'll play the background...And my ways aren't pure if I don't live according to Your Word, I can't endure this life without Your wisdom being heard...If I do this by myself, I'm scared that I'll succeed, and no longer trust in You, cause I'll only trust in me..."

Skillet - American Noise.. Did you know that this song got such a low rating by Air1 music voters that they no longer play the song on Air1! Such a shame. I loved this song..... So keep in min if you are a voter, if you really like it vote it up high!!!!!

learn to play guitar and then sing like no one is listening

This was my favorite record. . . I used to play it all the time! My first praise and worship music!


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Linkin Park

Rock band Disciple is back with another hard driving, melodic album, featuring powerful vocals by lead singer Kevin Young over a rocking rhythm section. The album, O God Save Us All, can be summed up as a soundtrack to the life experiences of a believer.

This is the best thing I have ever read because it's the truth. I went to the concert and met two girls and loved them! Going to a One Direction concert was the best thing of my entire life. And I hope I'll be able to go again, because the feeling you have before, during and after are so addictive p!

Mercy Me-Favorite Christian music artists. They are so awesome have seen them several times!!!