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A Year of FHE: 2010 - Wk 8: Showing Love Through Obedience - use this lesson with the flannel board story from -

These are the beginnings of the head pieces the girls will wear for their butterfly and moth costumes. We will be attaching antennas and textured cardboard to complete them. Simple Steps: Cut stri...

Numbers - Daily Number Chat - CCS Aligned

Engaging and interactive way to learn everything about a number! This packet includes 4 COMPLETE SETS – one for each season (spring, summer, fall, winter) with 24 activity cards per set. Each card is meant to further analyze the given number and help students use their schemata, learn about various ways to show/look at a number, and better understand numbers. CCS aligned! #education #math #numbers #numbertalk #allaboutnumbers #calendarroutines #morningwork #criticalthinking…

"My Dad is Big and Strong, But..." a book that is the opposite of what you think. May spur some other "opposite" writing ideas. (other book suggestions on webpage)

Reef Stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa) / The fin spines of this amazingly well-camouflaged fish contain highly toxic venom.