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(By Phoebe Wahl) "And just like that I allowed myself to be free." A beautiful watercolour illustration evoking a feeling of self-empowerment, positivity and fighting your own demonds for freedom of self. A positive reminder to be mindful and peaceful.


Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to my love, my life....I Love You Beautiful. DISCLAIMER: Images appearing here are found on the internet, and are assumed to be in the public domain, and will be attributed to the owner when possible.NSFW only


little witch. big city. representing 416 647 ☉♐ ☽♊ A ♎ feminist. activist. witch. anarchist. queer. living & learning day by day. The spirits remain close by. They do not leave us. - Leslie Marmon...


Love Made Me Do It Neon Sign by Love + Made

Bugsy, I love love too! LoL Omg, I do so love you. Are you creating paper daisies? Because if you are, I'm not sure I can take it. LoL - Serious! LoL….Limited edition "LOVE MADE ME DO IT" neon box by LOVE + MADE. Made in Los Angeles. Dimensions x x

This is my personal blog, this is the real me. I like Violet Harmon, I think she's a bit like me. I got bullied all the time, since kid, by all people around me, especially family. Child abused,...

"How can you be so heartless?" She asked, her voice a husky whisper. "Because, I cared too much before," I looked at the girl, bound and bloodied by my own hand "and we both know how well that turns out"

history, applied art, vintage photos, collages, Amsterdam, plants, medieval, Early Netherlandish painting, interior, cacti, street art, funny gifs, pictures with the shadow of the photographer in it. All images are copyright of their original owners.


This is a blog about my thoughts on life, art, music and the universe in the context of Astrology. My posts are themed according to the current transits. Some questions answered, submissions happily...