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GODDESS SPEAK - We BECOME....Goddesses and Gods. As we collect the stories and teachings of our lives, we emmanate them out to Source, to ourselves to hear again and to others. In that way we stretch and grow beyond our selves, become more than just the small beings we seem, and give our gifts to the world. Let your Goddess/God self share the sacred energy within today. Copyright Feather Redfox 2015

4 ways to rediscover your inner warrior goddess: speak your truth, commit to yourself, embody your wisdom, reclaim your strength

Straight from the literary goddess Sarah J Maas herself... #Rhysand is everything. #ACOTAR

Lol... she was a women who said what she thought. I respect her for that.

I love, applaud and respect women and men who speak out and stand for equality, human rights, animal rights and welfare...we can and do make a did those before us...and with united voice we will be heard in a ripple effect for future generations. We are their seeming pioneers.

Tone It Up Inspirational Fitness Quotes

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life. #positivitynote #upliftingyourspirit