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How To Identify Animals by their Tracks (with Pictures!) - Recognizing these tracks can be a matter of survival, especially if you live or hike in bear or wolf country. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, or if you have animals outdoors, this is a great guide to have on hand so you can identify any potential threats.

Vintage Edible Mushrooms and Fruit Double Sided Chart for Framing

What to Know When Storing Water Prep For Shtf website shares a water storage infographc encouraging everyone to keep extra water on hand for emergencies. You may want to explore his website, he has some interesting articles. Remember the 1st rule of prepping: 3 minutes without air – 3 hours without shelter 3 days without water – 3 weeks without food.

How to: Make a Swedish Flame

How to: Make a Swedish Flame | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: how-to, outdoor, fire ~ Swedish Flame DIY