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Dreaming of dolphins • photo: ScottS101 on Flickr

Iiiiuii!...Hello Samissomar, We Just Drop By To See How You´re Doing Brother...Your Pinterests Are Always Surprising Us !...

My favorite animal/mammal would have to be dolphins. I think they are so cute,and I just love them.

Dolphins( u r exactly where you need to be ..not a minute early not a minute late ..appreciate all those who swim along side .. its a vast ocean and we all need the tide n those that care enough to say what is n not what ud like to hear .take your time but be perfectly Aligned to charge ahead .)

We waren aan het duiken in egypte toen we opeens alle buddyparen hard zagen wegzwemmen, we vroegen ons af wat er was en een paar seconden later zagen we het...het waren twee dolfijnen..ze keken naar de groep duikers, maakten klikgeluiden en gepiep, toen keken ze ons aan en erna buitelden ze over elkaar heen. erna keken ze ons weer aan en maakte geluiden, net alsof ze contact zochten met ons, een buitengewone ervaring met twee heel intelligente dieren.

Psalm 46:9 He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire.

Just A Dolphin Playing With Some Bubbles. Like the happiest picture I've ever seen.

Dolphins Dance Troupe (The Ocean is Vast and Endless, in it, holds Amazing creatures........some we are aware of and some we have Yet, to still find.....)