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Graphene paints a corrosion-free future

Graphene paints a corrosion-free future ~ Dr Nair said “Graphene paint has a good chance to become a truly revolutionary product for industries that deal with any kind of protection either from air, weather elements or corrosive chemicals. Those include, for example, medical, electronics and nuclear industry or even shipbuilding, to name but the few.”

First superconducting graphene created | Promises to usher in a new era of graphene electronics and nanoscale quantum devices [Graphene:]

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Incredible Compact Device Simulates Changing Weather Forecast In Real-Time

Software engineer Ken Kawamoto has invented a device that allows you to see a high-tech simulation of the weather forecast right on your own desktop.

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Graphene made from DNA could shape electronics

"By sandwiching a layer of ferric chloride molecules between two sheets of graphene (pictured) researchers have created 'GraphExeter' as a viable alternative to ITO " Engineers are currently working on a spray-on form of this new touch-screen material!