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A {very} Beginner's Guide to DSLR Cameras - It's Time to Ditch Your Point-and-Shoot

The perfect guide for beginner photographers who want to graduate from a point-and-shoot and need a few helpful tips!

how to plan a day trip to iguazu falls

A fantastic guide to help you plan your day trip to the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls - plus some stunning photography!

All this time I’ve only been thinking about how much they hurt Iliana, how evil the whole operation is in general...and now I see the repercussions...every donor has a mother and a father, children, friends, coworkers. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people; a multitude suffering pain and loss. If this gets out, there is a ready army to take down project Messis and punish every man and woman, every doctor and scientist who helped this in this mindless slaughter.

Top 10 Places to visit before you die

Living life to the fullest is the new mantra of people, and this sure does involve seeing the world by travelling to places far and wide.

Friday Show and Tell: My Little Photobombers + Seeing New York (and People) Differently

Humans of New York - I love following him on Facebook. He helps us see people as being real humans.