Zombie weapon..

Which weapon will you get in the zombie apocalypse? I got a grenade. Run zombie bitches

Zombie apocalypse checklist in the form of a charm bracelet

Funny pictures about Zombie Apocalypse Checklist Bracelet. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie Apocalypse Checklist Bracelet. Also, Zombie Apocalypse Checklist Bracelet photos.

how-to-zombie-proof-your-house... LOL

Funny pictures about Zombie proof house. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie proof house. Also, Zombie proof house.

There you go kids, an excuse for when your parents ask "wtf. . why do you have marker all over your face." "I am going to FAIL the Zombie Apocalypse Mom"

The zombie game!

Funny pictures about The zombie game! Oh, and cool pics about The zombie game! Also, The zombie game!

Zombie Apocalypse Team?   I got dexter Morgan, batman, and Kim kardashian. Pretty good team til last one

Zombie Apocalypse Team Birthday Game This is strangely entertaining.Me Abby Sciuto, Morgan Freeman and the incredible Hulk. Either way, I'd die with some pretty awesome people.

And I've tripped and fallen into some of the crazier pins. Down the rabbit hole into doomsday prepping.

How to easily escape if you’re being held captive… Walters Walters Anne for our zombie apocalypse days with the Governor. I think we found the wedding band! Wouldnt the saw cut u though

Mine would be Death Planet X not gonna lie mine's sounds like it's an actual anime title I kinda like how it sounds xD

my first name vampire waitress 9000 my second name gothic chef forever yep i got 2 names and 2 anime series title:)

Pick a number from 1-100. Okay thanks

Pick a number from 1-100.

Funny pictures about Pick a number. Oh, and cool pics about Pick a number. Also, Pick a number.

A, B, 5-Driven over by Vladimir Putin on top of the Eiffel Tower... Ok O_o

Killed during sex with Groot at Hogwarts

Paper cut killed by Morgan freeman on top of the Eiffel Tower , brilliant, I always wanted to go that way<<oh! Mine is shaved to death by Morgan freeman on top of the Eiffel Tower!

I think this all the time. Try going in pitch black with a picher of water, a flashlight, and a bowl. As you pour the water in to the bowl shine the flashlight across the water. It will move sightly with rhe light. Water Bending!

Lol,thats me all the time I thought I was the only water bender