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I learned some German in high school, but haven't used it since Junior year. Want to re-learn it and at least be conversational in it.

I really need to do this for work. The only words a know are bad ones and dolor or Hola. HAHA!

I'm getting close with Spanish, but my dream language (people can have those, right?) is Italian.

Does sarcasm and profanity count? Because then I would be fluent in 3 languages. English, sarcasm and profanity.

bucket list: have my favorite author sign my book

I think it takes a lot of courage to really stand there and be open and willing to hug ANYONE

I have always had a fascinating interest in how braille is learned. I imagine It would be difficult if you had problems with numbness in your fingertips at times like I do. But im still going to try it anyways.

je l'ai fais. j'ai reçu ma mineure en français à l'université. translation: done. i got my minor in french in college.

I'm not gonna do this out of fear of getting caught.....however feel free to put something funny on these signs at your own cost:)