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That's why I trust very few people, I hate having to build trust with a bunch of "fake"people that go and break it right away.

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That's what people don't get I can forgive them but I won't forget

Amen! You said you cared but when it was time to act your more concerned with yourself. We will never forget this.

Integrity-some people know nothing about this no matter how hard they try to convince other people.

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 157

I never looked at it like this! Soooo true, especially since I only truly only take pictures of people I know and my family

In my whole life only one person has betrayed me. I trusted that person enough to let them in my home, into my heart, into my friends and family and I trusted him with my most prized kids. How could I have been so wrong? -CG

Impolite as the language might be, its very true-ironic. Wanting things to be better, trying/wanting to help, bringing them out, leaving-they get offended after how they acted, in defense mode, try to justify/blame/hurt you more. People like this are sick cowards when they trash someone/what's most important in their life.

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Why Are Narcissists Are So Dangerous?

Apologizing all the time isn't good either. Makes the other party think that you ARE always wrong and that's not the case.