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The Best Way to Root a Jasmine Vine

by Jennifer Loucks
A jasmine vine is a woody evergreen vine that is propagated by taking hardwood cuttings during the spring dormant season before bud growth. Hardwood cuttings are taken from mature stems of the parent plant and root easily in the proper growing conditions. Jasmine vine hardwood cuttings may take two ...
  • ☆ ☮ ♥ Simply Jaded ♥ ☮ ☆

    Methods for the Making of Jasmine Flower Extract

  • Sarah Van

    How to Propagate Jasmine From Cuttings

  • Kulsoom

    to get indoor jasmine plants to bloom - give it plenty of phosphorus plant food in the fall, then keep it for a few weeks in temperatures of 40-60 degrees, darkish room. Bring it back into the light and it'll start blooming thereafter.

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    The Best Way to Root a Jasmine Vine |

  • Kyle Lindsey

    How to Grow Jasmine on My Fence

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