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    A jasmine vine is a woody evergreen vine that is propagated by taking hardwood cuttings during the spring dormant season before bud growth. Hardwood cuttings are taken from mature stems of the parent plant and root easily in the proper growing conditions. Jasmine vine hardwood cuttings may take two ...

    How to Cut a Jasmine Starter Vine

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    • Elizabeth Shardelow

      Common jasmine vine (Jasminum officinale) comes from from Asia Minor, China and the Himalayas. This sweetly fragrant plant grows as an evergreen perennial producing 20- to 30-foot-long stems, when ...

    • Alix Gates

      I think this is what you have against your fence How to Grow Jasmine on My Fence

    • Jenelle Coon

      Grow jasmine from plant clippings. I want my yard to be covered in jasmine....

    • Patricia Sanchez

      Methods for the Making of Jasmine Flower Extract

    • Darrel Rose

      How to Start a Jasmine Plant Cutting in Water

    • Land of Glam!

      How to Start Climbing Jasmine Vine Cuttings

    • Sabrina B

      how to propagate Jasmine from cuttings

    • Ani Payne

      How to propagate jasmine.

    • Melissa Schuette

      Growing jasmine outdoors

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