My son. (Don't click on the quote you won't find it.)

The bond between Mother & Son lasts a lifetime. The bond between mother & son is a special one. It remains unchanged by time or distance. It is the purest, unconditional & true. It is the understanding of any situation & forgiving of any mistakes.

Letter From Heaven

fits perfect cuz we always say this to each other :) Maybe have a pic of us beside it in a frame, or above the bed.

So true! Inspiring, inspiring words, inspiring quotes ...For more inspiration visit

I love my daughter <3

Love my daughters

....and Spiritually Speaking: Listen to the Little Stuff

for my sons...

funny - rules for dating my son...Finally one for sons.

Poem for a son (or daughter) - would be good for a card sentiment

for my sons

I love my boys

Sons by Karen


My sons mean the world to me so whenever i feel down about myself i just look at them and know they are the one thing that makes me realize i accomplished something beautiful and something i cant live with out.

To my Son, I sometimes wish - Larry Howland


These describe both my sons.