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🙍so ironic in d movie frozen Hans .the hottest guy is the coldest in the movie (if y get wat I mean)

Aging Gracefully!!!

The first "Mickey mouse" was NOT Oswald the lucky rabbit. It was Oswald the lucky rabbit obviously!

-Я вам не нравлюсь? -Мне всё равно

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? It Doesn't Have To Be a Snowman.'s photo.

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Social dynamics of medieval fairies. and the last person.'how do you know so much about the social dynamics of medieval fairies?

I can just imagine Mickey start to tear up telling Minney about Walt and all they did together

Sleeping Beauty

Wicked Witches:Sleeping Beauty by ~Prince-Zaire I *adore* Maleficent towering over her, leading her along, Aurora seeiming blisfully unaware.

maleficent and Lil' maleficent

Maleficent junior-eskape by on deviantART.even evil witches are still loving mothers!