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Nerd Girl Problem #85

Nerd Girl Problem this happens to me all of the time. but with harry potter

Nerd girl problem

"Nerd Girl Problem When you really love something that has a small fan base and you can't find anyone to talk to about it." That's when you bug all your friends by telling them how great it is until they give in and try it. Then you've converted new fans!

Yesterday I had to explain to my roommate why I said "and not ginger" after she called me rude.

Nerd Girl Problem 15 - Making Fandom References When No One Is There To Get Them.

So many of these are great, but as I am particularly obsessed with Sherlock lately...

I don't usually like these "Nerd Girl Problem" things, but this one is true. If you don't know who he is. you're missing out on a pretty darned amazing actor.

Are you looking for a snow clearing service?? Classic Marketing with star wars

Star Wars Parenting done right. Someone with kids and lots of snow should do this!

Nerd girl problem. I hate when this happens, cuz then sometimes the characters face is spoiled for me and I can't imagine it

this bothers me so much - I will go out of my way to find the cover that's NOT the movie poster. <<<<<<<<<<<this happened with my guardian of ga'hoole book my copy broke right before the movie came out, ugh

Nerd Girl Problem 293 - When You Love A Song So Much, You Want To Examine The Metaphorical Meaning.

you DO examine the metaphorical meaning-and then share it with the next 20 people you talk to ;

Nerd Girl Problem #238

I don't really consider this a nerdy girl problem, more like a nerdy girl benefit. Look I'm no fan of feminine guile, but if you really *want* to fix my computer.