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Sicarius -- from the site eyetosky.tumblr.c...

Raubmaus&Pfotenprinz ‏on Twitter: My vision of Amaranthe in Maldynado's "disguise" from Dark Currents.

Cas from the Dragon Blood series. By Rebekah Kjos.

A Sicarius sketch! :)

Wanted poster: Sicarius by eterniss

"Missed You, Da" from the Santacarius gift exchange on the forum.

Amaranthe by FlashBangGrenade

Self-explanatory? :D By Flash Bang Grenade over at the forum.

Sicarius by FlashBangGrenade

The Spartan from the first Torrent book. By BlackMetallic. :)

"Gone Fishing" from the Santacarius gift exchange. :) the-emperors-edge...

Ahem, this is "Stalking" from the Santacarius gift exchange on the forum. :) the-emperors-edge...

From the "Santacarius" gift exchange on the forum. I believe this goes with the Solstice Fest Gifts short story. :) www.lindsayburoke...

Sespian and Sicarius from BlackMetallic. "I promised some peeps in chat that I'd put Sespian and Sicarius together in some scene or another from the last two books, and this is what I ended up with. Hope you guys like it :)"

Another Sicarius by BlackMetallic: "I appreciate him so much that I just had to make another portrait :D (obsession? Nooooooohhhh)"

"I appreciate it" by BlackMetallic: "Well, I'm reading the EE series again and have reached book number 4. There was something so touching about the description of Sicarius sitting on the train roof on his own, against a majestic, white panorama of mountains that I just had to paint it."

Blackmetallic takes on the haircut from the epilogue of FiB2.

"Vastly Pleased" by Vaudevillain: Just a fast drawing, and -although not truly accurate with the scene- I couldn't change the title for anything. really I just wanted to draw his trusting eyes. I love that.

Dannyje: "Here is Books psyching himself up in one of my favorite heroics: throwing a wrench in the shaman's plans (well, right before doing so)."

Sicarius by Alice Page: the-emperors-edge...

Tikabunny, crocheting project inspired by the female lead of Lindsay Buroker's novel "Encrypted". Please note glasses, freckles, book with encrypted text, pen, and unruly braid in danger of "undoing itself". :)

Bunnirias & Tikabunny of LIndsay Buroker's novel "Encrypted". Until now, Bunnirias was imprisoned on dreadful Krydesk Island, but since Tikabunny is now crocheted as well, the two of them escaped... I'm sorry that the Admiral had to endure Krydesk that long, but it took time to hunt down the glasses, find the right eyes, bind the book and write its content. ;)

Young Sicarius by Dannyje. the-emperors-edge...

The soul construct from Book 1, by Dannyje.

Akstyr by Dannyje of the EE forum and