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Student of the day activity--I used to do something similar to this and haven't for a few years---BUT-- This is a GREAT thing to go with my Making Words lessons!

I made this Vocabulary Word of the Day poster. Each day a new vocabulary word is looked up.

{Vocabulary Freebie} Students write the vocabulary word three times, write the meaning of the word (or definition) and finally they draw a picture to match the vocabulary word. Print back to back to have space for 7 words!

Generic word work form for content vocabulary. Includes a place for the word, the part of speech, the definition, a place for the student to use the word in a sentence, draw a picture, find synonyms and rate themselves on their understanding of the word.

Student this for the first week of school. Possibly have 2 writing samples one from beginning of year and one from the end?

I like this idea as an in class way to help students learn their spelling words. This will not only help them to spell them but also learn the meaning of them. The only thing I dislike like about this is that it asks for an antonym and synonym when all words may not have a direct opposite or mean the same as another word.

Six Word Memoir - Use as beginning of the year get-to-know-you activity & put on classroom community bulletin board for display. Update throughout the school year with new ones as we grow.

Word Chants with a twist….or an Aaarrrgh! Each card gives a unique way in which the chant should be done. Such as… Sing each word like an opera singer. Read each word like a robot with a computerized voice. Read each word as you pose like a statue.

This a great closure activity/strategy to any lesson. Students can reflect on their learning....

Vocabulary idea - students have a vocab word on head and have to walk around room and ask synonym, antonym, rhyming word, definition, etc... to guess their word. Love this idea.

Daily 5 Stamina tool... easy way to tell when to move on when they can do each task for 15 min

REally? It's just a structure...not a best practice! These things are much less productive than reading / writing workshop. They seem to make teachers who need control and structure comfortable, but I don't see them facilitating the development of students who love to read and write for themselves!