Email etiquette. Just because you are not face-to-face with a future employer or co-worker doesn't mean pinner should be informal. Writing emails is becoming one of the most popular forms of office communication. Here are some tips to make your emails stand out, for the right reasons. #jobhunting

Nerd girl, Whoever posted this originally over-looked the obvious: sleeping and eating are easy to give up until you finish a book. BUT those of us whose whole lives are dedicated to the written word already know the one that becomes the real test for a reader of any age: The dreaded potty break.

This is so interesting to me. The gestures somewhat, but the "turn to your neighbor - teach!" element is genius. Whole Brain Teaching, High School - The Basics

Im not a Unitarian but this "Coffee Hour Caution" is good for any type of conversation.

Great questions to use during every Social Studies lesson!

Mini-meetings with every child on campus. It sounds like quite an undertaking, but what a lot of good information you could get!

Food For Thought Fridays: You know youre a teacher if

This is not from me, but this is why it really makes me mad when people judge.The person judging rarely knows all the truth. Most of the people judging are supposed to be christians, Doesn't the bible tell them not to judge others?

#Motivational quotes Amen to this. I know people who make all kinds of promises when their happy, but piss them off, your history.

before you fb txt tw or blog

I did this in my spare bedroom years ago, used real leaves from my yard, but did mine in solid colors, and a variety of types of leaves and colors. Great border! "Leaf Art"

Hahaha! Here's another oh so true and brilliant meme from our friend Danielle at @sublimespeech! - - click on pin for more! - Like our instagram posts? Please follow us there at

Does your child's stomach hurt only on school days? They might have school anxiety. This confusing problem can be very stessful to handle! Get some guidance from a child therapist.

Positive and negative coping strategies. Good list (seriously it is a good list....ignore the picture)!

#INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook For Business ~ | Social Media, Blogging, SEO and Marketing Resources.

Sometimes we take things a little to seriously, but it is good to laugh!

I'd love to have this to hang in my bathroom

hahahaha! We think this is hilarious, but in general, great badge attire advice!

Not on a "Date Night" with hubby or a social gathering with good friends, But a night out for a "work function"? Hell Yes this totally me!