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Meera Deli

Meera Deli. 11-57 44th Dr. Long Island City, NY. (Photo Date: 6/5/14)

Crown Heights Deli And Grocery

Crown Heights Deli & Grocery. 117 Rogers Ave. Brooklyn, New York (Photo by Ben H. 5/19/14)

Mozeb Grocery. 215 8th Ave. New York, NY. (Photo: 4/21/14)

Neptune Deli & Grill

Neptune Deli Grocery (Sahara). 1204 Neptune Ave. Brooklyn, NY. (Photo Date: 6/22/14)

4th Ave Deli And Grill

4th Ave. Deli and Grill. 751 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY (Photo Date: 6/17/14)

Dolphin Gourmet Deli

Dolphin Gourmet Food: 320 West 14th Street, New York, NY. (Photo Date: 4/24/14)

13th St. Deli & Grill. 513 5th Ave. Brooklyn NY (Photo Date: 6/17/14)

b&e river Deli Grocery

B&E Rivier Mini Market. 239 9th St. Brooklyn, NY (Photo Date: 6/25/14).

13th St. Deli & Grill. 513 5th Ave. Brooklyn NY (Photo Date: 6/17/14)

KY Deli & Grocery. 402 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY. (Photo Date: 4/11/14)