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Animal Spirit Guides Meanings: Swallow, Woodpecker, and Blue Jay

In this article, we will talk about the messages and meanings that the swallow, woodpecker, and blue jay spirit guides may bring to you.
  • Cynthia Marsh

    Animal Spirit Guides Meanings: Swallow, Woodpecker, and Blue Jay

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Blue Jay, my favorite beauty of a blue bird. Raucous, impertinent, robber....I love it anyway.

Blue Jay; Loved bird watching. He would lay whole peanuts out and Blue Jays would come and crack them right in front of you that was awesome to see.

They showed this video on the news tonight of some kids bouncing on an ice-covered trampoline, so Arthur gave it a try.... Houston Foodlovers

Lion | my animal spirit guide Came to me in a strong vision while walking through my grandmother's apartment as a child.

Animal Symbolism of the Blue Jay. "Trust in your heaviness and patiently fall. This is what the bird teaches us." - Rilke (adapted)

Perched outside my home, the closest ive ever been to an owl

The Otter If an otter shows up, it means: It's time to relax and be more playful, spontaneous, and creative. Clean up that area in your home that has needed organizing for some time. Whatever struggles you're up against right now, confront them, head on with courage, determination and tenacity. Make your family a top priority at this time. You are going to experience a surge of energy and vitality