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That's actually false: You don't know who you are and you don't know what exactly you want. There's no true way of knowing those things. You only know yourself when you say that you do not know.

Im Zentrum Ihres Wesens haben Sie die Antwort . Du weißt, wer du bist, und du weißt, was du willst. Rumi ❤️ "At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are, and you know what you want.

My mom wants me to help her lose weight. Oh boy. I bet in three months I can have her looking like me if I can keep her on a diet! My goal is to have her a bikini body in 9 months to a year! I hope she can stick to the diet I set for her otherwise it won't work.

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Letting go

"it sucks when you know that you need to let go but you can't because you're still waiting for the impossible to happen." its sad that I feel this way mostly about people I call friends

Amazed with the results

If you took the energy used to hate your body into using it to change it, you'd be amazed with the results! Some food for thought

What are you waiting for? There is no better time to conquer your dreams than the present.

Estragon seems to have a faulty memory, forgetting things that happened the previous day, or not remembering that they are waiting for Godot. Anything that is not currently happening is not important to him.

26 Great Share-Worthy Inspirational Quotes  #inspirationalquotes #greatquotes #motivationalquotes #wisdom #inspiringquotes

26 Great Share-Worthy Inspirational Quotes -

26 Great Share-Worthy Inspirational Quotes #inspirationalquotes #greatquotes #motivationalquotes #wisdom #inspiringquotes

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"Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon" - Christopher Poindexter

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Quote What doesn't kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humour