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    5 Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Home Yoga Practice

    Restorative Legs Up a Wall: Excellent for your legs, body, and mind after being on your feet all day long. #Yoga #Restorative #Legs_Up_a_Wall

    8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For

    Yoga improves regulation of the stress hormone cortisol

    Headstand (beginner to advanced). I do the one thats against the wall. According to te archer of my yoga teacher, after fir s t five minutes it strengthens immune system. At tender age of 92 he does it for 30min day, before that he did an hour a day!

    Day 16 - Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga - 30 Days of Yoga - YouTube

    Yoga is the perfect complement to your cardio. This yoga sequence will lengthen your well worked muscles.

    Flat-Belly Yoga Sequence

    Yoga Sequence

    16 HIP Opening YOGA Poses: Happy Hips Yoga Sequence - Runners and the deskbound rejoice! Your tight hips will soon feel more open and relaxed. Just step onto your yoga mat or even the floor next to your computer and move through this 16-pose hip-opening sequence 👍💋😘😄😍

    3 yoga poses for opening the shoulders and chest.

    23 Yoga Styles Every Yoga Lover Should Know. I wish I was good at yoga. Maybe one day!

    The 26 bikram yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises

    Flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks-- without a single sit-up or squat. These five ballet-inspired moves use one piece of equipment you're sure to have in your home--a wall to gently increase your flexibility and range of motion. I just want to stretch those muscles.

    Happy Hips Yoga Sequence.

    Later, Love Handles! 13-Minute Yoga Sequence to Trim Down Your Tummy

    Shrink Your Belly In 14 Days

    Workout Plan for the Week- 5 free workouts to get you into shape!

    Here are 6 great routines for you to get rid of the belly jiggle.

    Buttlift workout

    Plank Row: Add some rowing action to your plank to target not only your arms and back, but your core and glutes too. Talk about a full-body exercise! Start in a plank position with your legs wider than hip distance; the wider stance makes you more stable. Hold onto your dumbbells, keeping your wrist locked to protect the joint. With your core tight and your glutes engaged, exhale, stabilizing your torso as you lift your left elbow to row; feel your left shoulder blade sliding toward your spin…

    Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned... all you need is a wall.

    Sun Salutation

    10-Minute Tush-Toning Pilates Workout BEST BUTT WORKOUT EVER I kept dropping my legs and hips because it burns but its sooooo good for you

    Strong and Supple: Yoga Sequence For Spinal Flexibility