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You know you're a 90s kid when...

25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

Piperan, piperan una chica singular, piperan nadie puede con eeeellaaaa!!!

Flashback: 15 Cartoons From The '90s That We Wish Would Make A Comeback

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade. Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!

I think my sister actually has an identical one of these in her bedroom. Good lord.

YES bead lizards! I remember making these in elementary school.

Why it was great to be a kid in the 90's.... Lisa Frank stick on earrings, Spice Girls, Dr Pepper chapstick. Goosebumps and The Babysitters Club, and not to forget Sweet Valley High books. TV shows: Saved by the Bell and Dawson's Creek.

333 Reasons why being a Girl rocked! Fun to click through and reminisce! This totally made me smile, and sometimes laugh! So crazy how things have changed!

we loved the 90s  http://elitestrategies.tumblr.com

LOVED saturday mornings for this reason! Might Mouse to the rescue - the Saturday morning cartoons.

Legend of Everfree Crystal Guardian Sunset Shimmer

Legend of Everfree Crystal Guardian Sunset Shimmer

Le temes a la obscuridad?~jajaja en ese entonces SI!

Recuerdos de nuestra infancia (crecidos en los 90, FOTOS!)

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Loved this show! I would never miss an episode. I wanted to be a part of the midnight society.

AWWW MAN....Just found this book!  Anybody remember this book?!   Sideways Stories from Wayside School! MY FAVORITE BOOK AS A CHILD!

Sideways Stories from Wayside School, by Louis Sachar. (Avon Books, Humorous episodes from the classroom on the thirtieth floor of Wayside School, which was accidentally built sideways with one classroom on each story.

This collection of cartoons had the most consistently awesome theme songs

The 13 Best “Disney Afternoon” Shows These classic cartoons are ranked from best to worst (woo oo! I miss duck tales and gummi bears the most

My entire ceiling was covered back in the day!

The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late '90s

Loved all these shows, including salute your shorts and hey dude among others lol!!

Old school Nickelodeon - Legends of the hidden temple was my fav.

easy bake ovens actually kind of sucked. i had one for years and i never used it because everything tasted fake and like shit, this is coming from a girl who likes fake nacho cheese and chef boyardee.

of Easy Bake Oven Recipes from Desserts to Main Dishes ~ a collection of recipes created for use with toy ovens such as the Easy Bake Oven (By Hasbro!), or the Queasy Bake oven (Also by hasbro), as well as other toy ovens.

Ha! I remember Pepperann! Saw a couple if episodes, wasn't a huge fan though

13 Awesome 90s TV Shows With Strong Female Leads

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, marchin’ in her own parade. Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!

"Back when Polly actually fit in your pocket. And no one had to tell us, Dont choke on Polly Pocket, because we werent stupid enough to eat her."

Polly Pocket

I definitely had this exact Polly Pocket set as a kid! Back when Polly actually fit in your pocket. And no one had to tell us, "Don't choke on Polly Pocket," because we weren't stupid enough to eat her.

I loved this....

Before the iPod we had hit clips. Definitely had a backstreet boys one that I played constantly!