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"passive good men" -- if you ask me, maintaining a position of passivity on women's issues renders them neither "good" nor "men" -- discuss.

from Ex-Communications

That Four-Letter Word: Compromise.

That Four-Letter Word: Compromise. "I really didn't understand what compromise was when I was a Christian, but what little I did know of it, I hated and despised. Now I realize that I was doing then what I see many Christians doing now: offering stuff that either wasn't mine to give or stuff that I should have been doing anyway as if I was making this grand, generous, magnanimous concession--to get offers in return that neither mine to demand nor loving or fair gestures to demand of others."

It is shame that women from so many religious cultures have to get surgery to reclaim their virginity, while some men learn how to have sex in others ways. Are we kidding ourselves? Yes we are!

The Greatest Fraud - Propagating Idolatry: “The Biblical Adam and Eve story is clearly a parable because there was no first human.” - Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Goyim Bow to Idolatry: Respect for Idolatry? The Jews have always been right about one thing - Goyim (non-Jews) bow to vanity and emptiness and pray to a god which helps not.