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23 May 2014 - Mermaid, Hair Shampoo - "It smells like Pina Collada and leaves hair ultra soft and shiny. It's also probably the best name for a product… ever!" Sarah Coonan, Beauty Buyer

"Victoria’s Secret’s Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo (14): Kara on our beauty team swears by Victoria’s Secret’s Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo. “It smells so good and instantly refreshes dirty, flat hair,” she says."

The best men's cologne ever. I MUST get this for my boyfriend!!

10 Dry Shampoos the Pros Swear By! But I would also include the Batiste dry shampoo! AHMAZING!

FINE HAIR: THICK/COARSE HAIR: DRY OR DAMAGED HAIR: COLOR TREATED HAIR: As promised with the new year I am going to be doing way more hair and beauty posts. Starting with the most requested posts and then I will go from there! I am asked all the time about what shampoo and conditioner you should …

1.Don't use silicone in shampoo! 2.Dry with a t-shirt not towel! 3.Use dry shampoo at night not morning! 4.Don't apply conditioner to soaking wet hair! 5.Green food coloring in shampoo makes dark hair darker! 6,Wash, rinse, repeat :)

I ALWAYS have this in my shower! It makes my whole bathroom (and me) smell like a fresh baked cake! Love Philosophy products.

How to use dry shampoo correctly. (it shouldn't just be sprayed at scalp and brushed out immediately!)

(via oh, hello friend: you are loved.: inspire, lovely / pretty package:)

Wild Wood Branding (Student Work) - wooden box and top acts as coaster

When it comes to frizzy hair, we care! There are some things in your everyday routine that may be causing your hair to frizz. We've identified them for you, and we'll show you how to fix them!