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    • Cathy Carpenter

      Chalk holder for making lines or staffs - Ms Ottlie Pippen's class - Chalk Elementary School Music Class - Circe's Bohemia: Back to school: Vintage style!

    • Julia Burgess

      Chalk holder for making lines or staffs- I remember this in the music room at school!

    • Lee Link Alexander

      chalk holder for making even lines on the chalkboard. remember these from music class?

    • Shelly Miller

      Chalk holder for making lines on the chalkboard. My music teachers Mrs. Berquist and Mrs. Leigh used this.

    • Lita Strickland

      Chalk holder for making lines or staffs So remember this from music class! Some of my best memories.

    • Shirley Tucker

      Chalk holder for making lines on chalk boards in music class.

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