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early '60's

Cost of Living in USA 1938

1955 Cost of Living... proof of inflation

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Walter Sanders, Fog In New York, 1950

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

Sharecropping came into wide use in the Southern United States during the Reconstruction era (1865–1877). The South had been devastated by war and planters had ample land but little money for wages or taxes. Sharecropping of the land was the ... Read More

A fantastic picture of a Classic Western Stage. The photograph was made in 1889, by John C. Grabill, who called the picture "Tallyho Coaching". The image shows the horse-drawn coach carrying a large group of dapper ladies and gents. The image was made near the Great Hot Springs in the Dakota Territory.

Car hop in the 1950's.

So unbelievable at the time!

Typical airline meal, ca. 1960s.

Preparing for a New York Be-In. Painted faces were a common fashion in the 60s, whenever teenagers or youth would protest the war and promote peace.

The first outbreak of the Black Death reached England in 1348 through the Dorset port of Melcombe Regis, brought, it is thought, on an Italian merchant ship. Within a month of its arrival in Dorset, it had spread throughout the county and across to Devon and Somerset, reaching Bristol on August 15th. Citizens of Gloucester, the next large town north refused to allow anyone from Bristol to enter their city, believing that the disease spread on people's breath.

"Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque or obituaries mention her greatest discovery…Everyone knows Charles Darwin discovered evolution and Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, textbooks simply say the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know?"Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, a truly extraordinary woman.

Quanah Parker and his wife Tonasa, 1892. Quanah Parker (ca. 1845 or 1852-2/23/1911) was Comanche/Scots-Irish from the Comanche band Noconis ("wanderers" or "travelers"). He was the son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona & Cynthia Ann Parker, a European American, who had been kidnapped at the age of 9 and assimilated into the tribe. Quanah Parker led his people on the reservation, where he became a wealthy rancher & influential in Comanche and European American society.

John and Jacqueline Kennedy celebrating what would turn out to be their last Christmas together. (1962)

A high school student was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by lightning. She fell 3.2 kilometers to the ground still strapped to her chair and lived!! However, she had to endure a 9-day walk to get to civilization. She was the sole survivor of 93 passengers and crew in the December 24, 1971, crash of LANSA Flight 508 in the Peruvian rainforest.

Woman soldier of the Red Army, Russia, Great Patriotic War, 1941. Found in the collection of the Russian State Film and Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Steve Jobs in 1977 introduces the new Apple II computer

Kitchen Sink Baby: c. 1953- this is where all babies had their baths...

Eating. Humans have done it since the beginning of time. And ever since the first caveman realized he was too tired to grill a wooly mammoth after a long day of hunting, other cavemen were willing to do it for him. (For a price, of course.) While the US doesn’t quite date back to the caveman, it’s still got plenty of old restaurants.

19th Century Fashion Timeline silhouette changes

1900, Woman Talking On Hand Crank Oak Telephone.