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Starburst Rock Cycle

Science Vocabulary Word Wall Cards & Interactive Notebook Inserts - This resource features 300 science vocabulary terms with definitions and illustrated examples. The words are presented in two different formats, word wall card size and interactive notebook size, so you are able to use this one resource for a variety of classroom objectives.

"NonFiction Find It and Check It"

Engaging Rocks and Minerals Activities

Free Kids Printable Activities: Mammal Crossword - Kids Coloring Pages Word Puzzles -

This 8 page "I Wanna Be a Rock Star" play by The Teacher Next Door is an original one I wrote for my class. It is filled with excellent scientific information about rocks and minerals, including sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic types, fossils, Moh's Scale of Hardness and more. Even better, it is one that the kids love to perform and is a true crowd pleaser! $

Starburst Rock Cycle for Kids

2B Happenings: Rock Cycle

3 types of rock- a science song

Rock and the Rock Cycle - Windows to the Universe

cute song to help students to remember and know the difference in kinetic and potential energy

properties of matter freebie

Bring your classroom to life with life cycles and food chains

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition.(3rd/4th grade teach)

Video--Three Kinds of Rock and The Rock Cycle

Solar system

Idea for Earth Science - Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rock *Remember: Science + Candy = After School Gold!*

Animal habitats bulletin board. Divide a bulletin board up into the four main animal habitats. Choose an appropriate boarder. Have students draw their favorite wild animal on a piece of paper and have them place it in the correct habitat. This will be a great way to display students artwork!

Density in the real world!

How tall can you build a tower using only index cards?? TERRIFIC STEM challenge!

"Hats off to Science" Love this vocabulary idea. Hat parade with each kid decorating their own vocabulary hat as an assessment. Now to get the hats donated

Skittles and the Scientific Method...I have actually used this lesson from The Science Penguin and my kids LOVED it! GREAT way to introduce the scientific method.

Great bulletin Board!

living nonliving sort - Google Search

Using Children’s Literature to teach Science by Patricia Bishop Mckean: Free eBook! #Science #Literature #Kids #Teaching