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    Dragon fruit trees in Thanh Long, Vietnam

    Tip: turn your ringer off in the Cao Dai Temple.

    Don't ask how I got here, but I'm in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Where in the hell should I go next?

    I may have eaten or hallucinated a bat this weekend.

    Aw man, this ain't Fern Gully.

    Chocolate bunnies!

    Got some coffee in Blackburn area of Melbourne, went for a walk.

    Made it to Melbourne. Spent the night in a strange car park.

    The gas station I stopped at in Heywood, Victoria, Australia

    The city of craters and lakes that are in the craters.

    Some old buildings in Gawler, Australia

    Good morning from Mount Lofty, Australia


    Good morning from Adelaide!

    Flew out of this airport in the middle of the desert in Australia.

    Only had to walk 2k for some water...

    Somehow traveled 1600km while tripping - ended up in the desert.

    Nice watering hole.

    Dingo cave in Cania Gorge. My have eaten some tourists with my dingo friends.

    Dingos. The assholes of the animal kingdom.

    At least there was a gas station here.

    Probably should have gone to Sydney instead.

    Mount Perry.

    There was some flooding in Bundaberg. I felt sad for the street signs.