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What the world needs now...if I saw these at a store I would not be able to resist them, as it is the etsy shop that was selling them is out so these letters aren't mine :) Oh but I'd love to have them on my wall!

Not sure if this is cross stitch or hama beads but I love the colours The site is in Russian but there is a translation and there are lots of other lovely alphabet designs here, too. ( / Фото #8 - 1 - KIM-3)

free alphabet chart here...patterns for flowers and also Xmas patterns and so on....

FREE Printable Letter Banners at! Print a banner for any holiday, party or room for FREE!!! LOVE these!!

oh this is wonderful! Printable Chalkboard Letters for Bunting - Add some charm to your cakes, cupcakes and pies with this free printable download from Simply Klassic

26 letters of the alphabet cross stitch sample ~ ~