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Araponga (Procnias nudicollis) A araponga também é conhecida como ferreiro, porque possui um canto que se assemelha ao som de um martelo batendo em uma bigorna. Por causa disso ela é visada por traficantes de aves. Hoje a espécie se encontra na categoria vulnerável na lista vermelha da IUCN (União Internacional para a Conservação da Natureza, na sigla em inglês)

Pró-Carnívoros - Gato-do-mato-pequeno (Leopardus tidrinus)

A degradação da Mata Atlântica nordestina e a caça ilegal causaram a extinção da natureza do mutum-do-Nordeste ("Mitu mitu") - segundo dados do ICMBio, só 120 espécimes puras estavam em cativeiro em 2005

Pink-necked Green-pigeon Male BP_29012012_001 by Chong Lip Mun, via Flickr

This just makes me smile lol. What could he possibly be so angry about? Lol

The Beluga Whale also called The White Whale can mostly be found in Artic waters and become their brilliant white color around 5 yrs. of age. They are considered a smallish whale between 13-20' long and live 35-50 yrs. in the wild. They should never be kept in captivity.... it is inhumane and unjust. All whales should have the roam of the ocean!

The Great Grey Owl does not have ear tufts and has the largest facial disc of any raptor.

The Wolf's mona monkey (Cercopithecus wolfi), also called Wolf's guenon, is a colorful Old World monkey in the Cercopithecidae family. It is found in central Africa, primarily between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. It lives in primary and secondary lowland rainforest and swamp forest.

I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together <----pinned because the Beatles reference(:

Donkey... Or mule.... No, it's a donkey. Mules are a bit taller, have more traits of a horse....