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DCarsonCPA on Investment Management , Asset Management support lines from DCarsonCPA PIRI lines on Pensions Insurance, Risk Management and Investments strong lines from core skills with ALL points on the Line hands on Audit- CFO / Controlling, C Level and Board Consulting and deep lines on Global and Domestic Economic Research on the IM lines to the Global Economy. SEC…

A Broad Template from which to Help on Economic Challenges in Governance as well as Entity and Individual / Family lines of needs.

DCarsonCPA Street Scenes from #Soho find the DCarsonCPA lines on Lean Project support. DCarsonCPA PRTC lines on #publicrelations #outreach and #communications and DCarsonCPA Street Team lines on Small Business and professional Practice outreach support we can help on #growthstrategy

DCarsonCPA Life Being like music the more you live it the more you can follow predictable lines that speak to mathematical symmetry. The hidden skills of music deal with wave theory from physics, pattern recognition and math itself. The Greek philosopher's studied music to understand the world. We should be studying music and math more to help on needs as math and music are the only universal languages that unite all things. Through them come lines to help on Global needs. #Fintech…

DCarsonCPA Global support lines on Global Trade and Ecnomic Research for the Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity lines of support on cross sector needs in the Economy for improvements. Find DCarsonCPA Global on web. #DCarsonCPA #GlobalEconomics #TradeResearch support lines to help on entity and Community level services on needs for individuals and families in the Economy.

DCarsonCPA MFC The Lean Machine on Project Consulting: DCarsonCPA MFC on Lean Engineering for Project and Process Advisory.