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Quote for parents to children: Roots and Wings - I give my children both. Roots bring them back home and wings to become thier own person.

This is a quote about relationship whit family and friends. I chose this because family and friends support you and motivate you and they want the best for you.

'The Best Part of Life is When Your Family Become Your Friends, and Your Friends Become Your Family', Robin Roberts Quote. The whole of Humanity is One Family.

35 Inspirational Quotes to Back You Up in Hard Situations | http://blog.piktureplanet.com/inspirational-quotes-to-back-you-up-in-hard-situations/

35 Inspirational Quotes to Back You Up in Hard Situations

Every child deserves...

Every child deserves a champion--an adult who will never give up on them. These ideally should be their parents

Listen First

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. Social Media is all about communication and relationship building! Be a listener!


I love getting older. My understanding deepens. I can see what connects. I can weave stories of experience and apply them. I can integrate the lessons. Things simply become more & more fascinating. Beauty reveals itself in thousands of forms.

Hungry Gator Gal: Yoga Workout Playlist   | #yoga  Sherman Financial Group

Hungry Gator Gal: Yoga Workout Playlist--must check these out Yoga for health, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, yoga quotes, yoga inspiration

It's a Beautiful Thing when a Career and a Passion come Together. It's also Considered, a Passion, and Career that Creates a Beautiful Thing Together to!

What is the difference between the heart, the mind and the soul?