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Marketing performance tool for what-if analysis (excel) Designed by Adrián Chiogna / Inspired in:

Why should you download the Taxi Magic app? Available on both iPhone and Android devices, this app has contracts with the best taxi fleets in 60 different cities. Find out how this app can help you get fare estimates and book electronically by clicking on this infographic.

How to Dial Internationally

Potential employers often run background checks. This is why expungement is so important for people charged with a crime but found not guilty. Read about the process on this infographic from a criminal defense lawyer in Dayton.

Cloud-seeding, using silver iodide crystals fired from ground cannons, is already widely used in Colorado. Mainly using for increased snowpack in the mountains, the cannons are also used for hail suppression in some areas like the San Luis Valley.

Peercoin: The low energy Bitcoin beater? | --> ONLY Repinned by Alireza Rezvani | Berlin BTW...make coin here FREE: btcfreemart.imobi...

VC Market Intelligence is a new monthly infographic from Visual Capitalist that summarizes a macro view of the last month of markets

Something is up with the sun. Scientists say that solar activity is stranger than in a century or more, with the sun producing barely half ...

Succession Planning - if you hope to climb the ladder, you better know how to do it.