Archangel Michael - No matter the situation, no matter the challenge, Michael stands ready with his sword and host of Angels to protect and serve all who call upon him for assistance. He clears the path of obstacles, he gives us strength and courage to carry on during the dark times in our lives. He fills us with hope, inspiration, and faith that the Universe is always on our side. Michael protects against negative or psychic attack and astral debris that can cling to our energy fields.

Archangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living beings on Earth. He is a well know and incredibly powerful angelic being, who is ready, willing and waiting to connect with you directly if you so desire.

Archangel Sandalphon is an angel of music and prayer. He answers prayers and assists with higher communication and expression. He ensures that our words are kind and gentle and that we speak the truth. Turquoise is said to attune to Sandalphon, but I always associate him with Earthy tones, browns, golds, bronze. He's known to attract money, success and love and has powers of protection, healing, courage, luck and friendship. Very strong, powerful, loving presence.

"They, above all, are pre-eminently worthy of the name angel because they first receive the divine light, and through them are transmitted to us the revelations which are above us." Christian Quotation by - Dionysius the Areopagite (I DO BELIEVE THEY ARE STANDING READY FOR THE FIGHT AHEAD... PRAY THAT THEY COME TO OUR AID NOW HERE IN AMERICA)

Isaiah 27 In that day the Lord will take his terrible, swift sword and punish Leviathan, the swiftly moving serpent, the coiling, writhing serpent. He will kill the dragon of the sea.

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