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con graciosos aliens / with funny aliens

Space Junk

Space Junk

carolina celas -soy así de pequeño

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On 21 January 2001, a Delta 2 third stage, known as a PAM-D (Payload Assist Module - Delta), reentered the atmosphere over the Middle East. The titanium motor casing of the PAM-D, weighing about 70 kg, landed in Saudi Arabia about 240 km from the capital of Riyadh.

Dr Alice Gorman is a space archaeologist who studies 'space junk' – old satellites, rockets and even human waste floating in the great unknown.


Tanawat Sakdawisarak, Union Is (Not) Strength (illustration for Thailand's Elle…

Bloody oath an insignificant pile of metal. Better get this on the news quick smart mate!

Australian farmer's space junk discovery

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Add on for boys room, already have the rocket for oldest- Space Boy Wall Decal Sticker Outer SpaceWalk for Children Nursery