Pétrole Stella (gasoline), advertising poster by Henri Boulanger Gray, 1897

Petrole Stella Livraisons En Bidons Plombes De 5 Amp 2 Litresbr Henri Gray Advertising Poster Showing A Nude Nymph And Cherub With B.


A Stella Maris Antique Compass necklace


Little Miss Stella

Pintando o sete nas roupas

Little Miss Stella

Ferrari V8

Automotive Illustration of a Ferrari Engine Working Drawings by Tony Matthews

Filling Up ... when gas tanks were in the cowl, just ahead of the windshield.

“This is my uncle Leslie Lease, filling up a car from a gravity-feed pump at a station in North Carolina,” notes Bob Durling of Highland, Indiana. The license plate reveals the year to be Check out the gas price of under 25 cents, including tax.

Kolo Moser, "Keine höhere Auflösung vorhanden, 1903"

Design for the Frommes Calendar, for the Exhibition of the Vienna Secession, 1902 Giclée-Druck von Koloman Moser - AllPosters.

Rock'n'Roll Until I Die /// Das geht raus an alle Rockabilly-Rebellen: Wenn Rock'n'Roll durch Deine Adern fließt, ist das hier Dein Motiv! Hier gibt's das volle Programm: Eine verdammt heiße Rockabella, den tiefergelegten Hotrod und die obligatorische Gretsch-Gitarre. /// Design: Jan Meininghaus

Rock'n'Roll Until I Die /// Das geht raus an alle Rockabilly-Rebellen: Wenn…