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exporting illustrator files to psds...i love designing websites in illustrator...this little trick is a life saver!

exporting illustrator files to psds.i love designing websites in illustrator.this little trick is a life saver!

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Lightning Safety #Lightning #WhenThunderRoarsGoIndoors #NWS

“Most lightning deaths occur to those who'd been enjoying outdoor leisure activities. When thunder roars, go indoors!

How to #BeatTheHeat in summer

Extremely hot weather can put a pause on your Summer fun if you don't keep safety in mind. The CDC has announced some helpful information regarding extra hot days and ways to keep cool, hydrated and safe!

Infographic Diagrams

The ultimate growing pack of infographic elements including charts, graphs, icons & much more.

Où partir ? Pourquoi ? Plus mon outil pour choisir votre prochain voyage !

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Why video games make you violent

Why video games make you violent

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“Getting ready to go tomorrow? Why not take this opportunity to talk to your children about and managing