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One of my favorites, watch it every time I catch it

Number one favorite movie of all time....

Sooooo funny....This is one of my favorite all time movies. I still laugh until my sides hurt everytime I watch it.

I want to write a screenplay for movie version of my favorite book of all time. trust me...it will be MUCH better than the 1987 film!

The West Wing-top fav shows of all time

A few times I saw a movie so well produced as this ... The special effects are amazing!

Game of Thrones Direwolves

How is it that all this lush excess, the opulent room behind her, the pure decadence of that red dress - all we really see, the thing that POPS at us when we see this photo, is Vivien Leigh. Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart can't do that, folks.

I'm still scared of the flying monkeys

The wind through the trees

Downton Abbey