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Just Little Things:: I love that. And I love the smell of rain before it does pour down.

Because we have birthday weeks in my family lol.


Just Little Things


Just Little Things

May FAV!

Just Little Things

Just about every single day of my life this happens..especially when I'm with my family and I can be as dorky as I want ;)

i absolutely love doing laundry.

Just Little Things...this blog is awesome! Its nice to appreciate the little things in life. This is one of the best feelings!

the thing i love about music is the fact that no matter how you feel there will always be a song for it

I used to work with a guy who, after he walked by our desks, we would all just sniff a long sniff, he smelled SOO good. And the view wasn't bad either :)


Yep, still makes my heart skip a beat when my man smiles at me!! And when those grandson's smile it makes my heart melt <3

that's why I have extras so I always have a cold one at hand

One of my favorite things :)

:) My goal in life...everyone knows lol.