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Ugh just found out my birthdays the day after prom this year. I'll be sleeping all day. :(

Just Little Things:: I love that. And I love the smell of rain before it does pour down.

No matter the dilemma a hug always seems to make it feel like things will be okay | wwww.mooreaseal.com

clean sheets

If "freshly-made" means with fresh, clean bedding, then YES. =) I LOVE this. SUCH a nice feeling.


Words to live by. Never let a man define you. :)

Just Little Things

it's the little things like this that just make me love and appreciate my life <3

best. feeling. ever.

best feeling ever

one of my favorite things :)

Just Little Things

the little things-love this...i still have some of my grandparents clothes from 1996 when they died that retain their scent....