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Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project (w/ English subtitles) This is the way you can make dreams happen!!! congs!! coco-cola!! you are awesomes!!

To help stop violence in football stadiums, we asked for the help of the only person a tough guy respects: his own mom. The action Security Moms was created ...

from Gizmodo

This Billboard Sucks Nasty Pollution Right Out of the Air

This Billboard Sucks Pollution from the Sky and Returns Purified Air | cubic meters of urban air per day. That’s over million cubic feet, which UTEC says is equivalent to the work of mature trees.

Una de las mejores campañas emocionales que he visto. Literalmente se me salieron las lágrimas... ¿A usted que le parece? #CommunityManager