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Throughout July and into August, a British exhibition called "Infinite Variety" will present images of beautiful women who've aged naturally.

Have We Lost Touch With the Beauty of Older Women?

Image from Infinite Variety, a celebration of the beauty of the female face the aging female face, by Harriet Walter.

Salt and pepper gray hair. Grey hair. Silver hair. White hair. Granny hair don't care. No dye. Dye free. Natural highlights. Aging and going gray gracefully.

Looking for modern hairstyle for older ladies? In our gallery you will find the images of Best Hair Styles for Older Women that can help you to choose your

Cheveux blancs longs

Keeping it real. I want to age one day, to let my skin show the years of love, laughter, and wisdom.sounds to me like you have already found wisdom (SMILE)!

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My hair will be this gray in a few years.If I can have pretty gray hair, then I don't mind it. I just don't want dried out frizzy ugly old lady gray hair. This gal's hair looks good.

Evelyn Bencicova is an incredibly young, but incredibly talented photographer. See her latest editorial: RIPE on Atlas Magazine

eveline hall

Eveline Hall senior fashion model 67 years old and the most sought after model in Germany