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    anime girl

    Pretty much me.

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    Rosie-(female) She is a kind and caring girl. Rosie loves winter. Her favorite animal is a rabbit. Rosie also likes to be scared.

    another kuudere

    Cute female anime/manga character in a coordinated black and dark green school outfit.

    Gelbooru- Image View - 1girl black legwear braid character name clenched hand dangan ronpa hair ribbon kirigiri kyouko long hair necktie parted lips purple eyes purple hair ribbon school uniform simple background skirt solo thighhighs toosaka asagi twin braids | 1869359


    anime girl

    Lovely anime couple Maybe the cutest thing, ever

    ADOPTED!!!This is Zoey. She is 17, but when she was 15, she had to move and say good bye to her friends. Ever sense she has been struggling to find some new friends and struggling with her grades and school. But she is loving towards one another and is hoping to meet some new friends. Adopt?

    Anime girl art

    Alastair: is half dead. She loves a good walk and realistic art (means she loves to draw)

    Anime Girl

    ADOPTED This is Miki. Age 15. She is obsessed with strawberries and gets excited very easily. She never goes anywhere without her skull doll and squeezes it when she gets really mad.

    Anime girl

    #anime #illustration

    Anime Girl and Dragon Spirit Wall Decal by Indre Bankauskaite

    Beautiful character design anime art